WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working? Here’s What To Do

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Voice messages are a hassle-free way to move along info on WhatsApp. If you’re a lazy texter or there is as well much text to sort, just send out a voice message. It’s time-conserving and just like texts, voice messages are constantly available and can be revisited at any time—until it’s deleted by the sender or receiver.

Regardless of the advantages of voice messages, one particular big draw back is that, as opposed to texts, you cannot research for the information of voice messages. 

You may perhaps appear across a amount of situations where by WhatsApp voice messages are not working. Often, people are unable to document a voice message. Other instances, WhatsApp refuses to obtain or perform voice messages. There are also cases where by participating in voice messages makes no sound output.

If WhatsApp voice message isn’t doing work on your Android or iOS unit, refer to the troubleshooting answers in the next section. Prior to you continue even though, make certain your product has an lively net relationship very poor network connectivity delays the delivery and obtain of voice messages.

Likewise, make confident the best of your phone’s display (in which the proximity sensor is located) is not coated when actively playing voice messages. Are WhatsApp voice messages continue to not performing? There are a several much more items you can do to resolve the concern.

1. Raise Your Phone’s Volume

If you are taking part in voice messages on WhatsApp but really don’t listen to audio output, check out that your device’s volume is not minimal or muted. Maximize your phone’s speaker volume and try out yet again. If you’re applying headphones with a focused mute button/slider, you must also confirm that you have not toggled on the button by accident.

For devices related to a Bluetooth product, make confident the machine is not small or muted.

2. Pressure-Shut WhatsApp

When WhatsApp isn’t responding or some of its characteristics abruptly end operating, power-halting the app could restore it to normalcy. For iOS equipment, close WhatsApp (as you would any other app) and re-open it.

To power-halt WhatApp on an Android system, open up WhatsApp’s facts website page (prolonged-press WhatsApp and tap the info icon).

Pick out Drive Stop and tap Ok on the confirmation prompt to commence.

Click on Open to start the application again. If you continue to can’t engage in WhatsApp voice messages, progress to the up coming troubleshooting action.

3. Clear Cache (for Android)

WhatsApp stores momentary data in cache data files on your unit. Even though cache information help to increase WhatsApp’s pace and general use knowledge, they could also cause the app to malfunction—particularly if the cache information develop into corrupt.

If WhatsApp voice messages are not performing, obvious the app’s cache and try out again. On the WhatsApp facts web site, choose Storage & cache and faucet the Clear cache icon.

4. Look at WhatsApp Permissions

Going on, you really should also verify that WhatsApp has the necessary permissions to mail voice messages on your unit. Denying some permissions may possibly bring about WhatsApp to drop specific operation. If WhatsApp’s voice messaging isn’t functioning, that could be for the reason that the application does not have access to your phone’s storage or microphone.

Examine WhatsApp Permission on Android

Follow the actions underneath to grant WhatsApp access to your Android smartphone’s mic and storage.

1. Lengthy-push the WhatsApp icon and tap the data icon.

That will redirect you to WhatsApp’s configurations site. An alternate route is to go to Settings > Applications & notifications > All Applications > WhatsApp. These measures may perhaps change relying on the model and operating program of your Android system.

2. Select Permissions.

3. Click on on Storage and Microphone.

4. Make sure equally permissions are established to Allow.

Examine WhatsApp Authorization on iOS

For iPad and Apple iphone buyers, observe the actions down below to grant WhatsApp the necessary authorization (i.e Microphone obtain) essential for voice messaging.

  1. Launch the iOS Settings menu, scroll to the base of the website page, and find WhatsApp.
  1. Make guaranteed Microphone obtain is toggled on.

Return to WhatsApp and check out if you’re now equipped to play and send voice messages.

5. Examine Obtainable Storage

Voice messages you receive on WhatsApp are quickly downloaded and saved to your unit. Make guaranteed there is ample storage place to accommodate the voice messages and other media information on WhatsApp.

If your cellular phone is low on storage area, WhatsApp may well fail to load or perform voice messages. To fix this, delete momentary junk files on your product, cut down WhatsApp’s storage use, or use 3rd-social gathering cleaning apps to no cost up room occupied by unused information and apps.

6. Shut Other Apps

If you are not able to document voice messages, that could be because your device’s microphone is remaining utilized by one more app. Close applications that may possibly be employing your phone’s microphone and try out recording the voice information once more. Applications that you must search out for incorporate voice recording applications, movie conferencing apps, screen recording applications, and so forth.

7. Examine WhatsApp’s Server

WhatsApp servers have a background of going out of support when you minimum expect it. This will cause some functions of the instantaneous messaging assistance to malfunction. If you get an mistake that reads “download failed” when you play a voice information, there is a likelihood that WhatsApp’s servers are down.

You can use third-party equipment like DownDetector to look at the position of WhatsApp’s server. If there is a issue with WhatsApp’s servers, you’ll have to wait until finally WhatsApp resolves the issue server-similar challenges are ordinarily mounted in just minutes or hours.

8. Restart Your Telephone

If WhatsApp servers are up-and-working and the issue persists, try out restarting your gadget. That could fix all product-connected glitches blocking you from recording or participating in voice messages on WhatsApp.

9. Update WhatsApp

You must usually be certain that you have the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp set up on your mobile phone. WhatsApp equips these updates with patch fixes that eliminate bugs leading to voice messaging and other characteristics to malfunction. Start your phone’s application shop and install any out there WhatsApp update.

10. Reinstall WhatsApp

If WhatsApp is up-to-date but you however cannot play, mail, or obtain voice messages, delete the application from your unit and install it from scratch. Prior to you do that, make absolutely sure you backup WhatsApp to Google Drive so you really don’t get rid of your discussions and media files.

Get Voice Messages Functioning Once again

We comprehend that voice messages are your detail, and it’s disheartening when you’re pressured to variety very long paragraphs due to the fact the WhatsApp voice message characteristic is not functioning. 

We’re self-confident that at minimum just one of the remedies described previously mentioned will resolve the dilemma and you ought to be back again to sending and obtaining voice messages in no time. Enable us know which of the solutions preset the dilemma or if you want additional help.

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