What Is a Metric and Dimension in Google Analytics?

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If you have Google Analytics installed on your web-site, then you have most likely arrive throughout the phrases “metric” and “dimension” when examining your website visitors and other performance facts.

If you’re curious what these conditions imply, this guideline will aid you fully grasp these metrics, how to look for for them, and what they can convey to you about your site visitors.

What Is a Dimension in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics supplies you with some important insight into your web site website traffic. You can use Google Analytics on your have web-site, or on free of charge website expert services like Squarespace or Wix. It’s also quick to integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress internet site. 

This usually means you can use your newfound comprehending of proportions and metrics to review any web-site you have on the web.

To fully grasp how dimensions and metrics work in Google Analytics, take into account the pursuing very simple definitions.

  • A dimension is what you want to measure.
  • A metric is how you want to evaluate the dimension.

For instance, you could possibly be interested in how many classes are coming from sites that refer visitors to you. In this circumstance your dimension would be Referral Path, and the metric would be Classes.

In Google Analytics, you can both use premade reports with existing dimensions and widespread metrics, or generate personalized studies (like the just one over).

You’ll usually want to decide which dimension you want to measure initial, before you can pick out linked metrics. 

What Is a Metric in Google Analytics?

The metric you can decide on depends on which dimension you want to look at.

One of the most popular issues web-site homeowners want to measure is the in general visitors on all web pages on their website. This is a premade web page that you can test any time.

To watch this, pick out Habits in the left navigation menu in Google Analytics. Future select Internet site Material, and then All Webpages

This premade report delivers the Pageviews metric for the All Webpages dimension.

If you want to see Pageviews for some other dimension, you can find the dropdown arrow close to Other subsequent to Major Dimension at the best of the web pages list.

As you can see, you could switch the dimension from All Pages to something like Landing Webpage. This will display you Pageviews only for your website’s pages that are the preliminary web page visitors land on when they come to your web-site.

On any of these premade stories, you can also modify the metric for the watch. For example, if you are extra intrigued at what fee site visitors leave the exact page they arrive on, you can modify the metric to bounce charge.

To do this, decide on the Pageviews metric underneath the Explorer tab, and pick out Bounce Rate from the record of metrics. 

This will modify the chart graphic to display the Bounce Price metric for the Landing Site dimension instead than the Pageviews dimension.

Creating Tailor made Stories in Google Analytics

If you find that there aren’t any premade experiences in Google Analytics that clearly show what you’re looking for, you can build custom reviews rather. With personalized studies, you can outline the proportions and metrics that clearly show you what you need to have.

To create a customized report, pick out Customization from the remaining menu. Then choose Tailor made Reports

This will get you to a report builder web site where by you can choose the metrics and dimensions you want to graph.

To start building a new custom made report, pick the New Custom Report button. 

In the tailor made report layout window, you’ll see two main bins: Metric Groups and Dimension Drilldowns.

If you are not absolutely sure accurately what you want to see, you can choose + incorporate dimension to see what dimensions are accessible.

In this illustration, we’ll develop a custom report to demonstrate how significantly targeted visitors will come from diverse social networks.

Scroll down the listing of dimensions and use the dropdown sections to see which certain dimensions are readily available. 

To see visitors coming from different social networks, you’d just choose Social from the checklist of dimensions, and then Social Community for the certain dimension to see.

For much more innovative experiences, you could insert a second dimension by picking out + increase dimension. This will display screen graphs evaluating numerous proportions employing the identical metrics.

Speaking of metrics, up coming you should really insert which metrics you want to measure by picking out + include metric in the Metric Groups section. 

In this instance, we want to see how many pageviews arrive from social networks. To do this, you’d select Users in the metrics dropdown, and then Pageviews from the dropdown listing of metrics.

You are going to observe a Filter area at the base of the custom report window. You can use a filter to both include or exclude distinct factors you may not care about. For case in point, in this scenario we do not want to consist of Twitter targeted visitors in the report.

To do this, you’d alter the environment less than Filters to Exclude, pick out the Social Community dimension, and then variety Twitter into the distinct filter industry. 

When you are accomplished setting almost everything up in the report builder window, just pick out Help save to complete.

Now you’ll see the report window. The major element of the report will show you over-all traffic that will come from social networks.

The base of the tailor made report shows a listing of all social networks your visitors comes from, and how considerably visitors you’ve gained in the time window you have chosen.

The ability of tailor made reviews will allow you to pick any combination of metrics and dimensions you want. Being artistic with your choices can offer you with some interesting insight into your website visitors and their habits on your website. There may be other alternatives to Google Analytics, but handful of present you as substantially insight into your traffic.

Now that you understand what metrics and proportions are on Google Analytics, choose some time to examine them by generating your possess tailor made studies. You can build as quite a few as you like, with regardless of what combination of metrics and proportions you want to consider.

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