What Does HMU Mean (And How to Use It)

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HMU is a different one of those people acronyms that you’ve most likely found on the web and had to Google the which means of. People today use HMU and other preferred world wide web abbreviations like NSFW or SMH to categorical a thing which is outside of the scope of fashionable language. Applying these acronyms is a wonderful way to express your feelings on-line immediately and efficiently. 

Nonetheless discovering it all puzzling? Understand what HMU indicates, in which it first came from, and how to use this acronym correctly to avoid turning into a social media fake pas. 

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU stands for hit me up and is employed to invite a human being to call you later on. HMU is synonymous with phrases like “contact me”, “message me”, “call me”, or some other model of “get in touch to follow up and go over this further more at a later on time”. 

HMU is an acronym that you can use to persuade yet another individual to contact you but not correct now. It operates terrific when you want to go away a delicate reminder for the other particular person, or in scenario you never want to drop get in touch with but really don’t have time to go over points suitable at this instant. 

Compared with “text me” or “call me”, HMU is fairly universal and features any implies of call readily available to the other individual. When you use this acronym, you go away the selection of the variety of followup conversation up to them: no matter if they want to DM you on Instagram, or video get in touch with on WhatsApp. 

Examples of Use

HMU is world-wide-web slang and as a result you will see it utilized in on-line chats, social networks, in texting, and in preferred online memes. A person area you are unlikely to see it is electronic mail, until it is a fast (and casual) message from an individual somewhat near to you. 

While it is widespread to use HMU to request the other particular person to speak to you, there are other situations when men and women are likely to use this abbreviation. 

Folks usually use HMU when flirting on the net. In relationship apps like Tinder you can occur across profile descriptions like “hmu if you like pina colada and getting caught in the rain”. 

An additional way to use HMU is to check with other people for tips or suggestions. For example, if you are hunting for restaurant tips in a new metropolis, you can article on social media “Where ought to I go for evening meal in X city? Hmu with suggestions”. 

The Origin of HMU

Some users join the origin of Hit Me Up with pagers – communication products that were preferred in the 90s. Pagers couldn’t receive textual content messages, but rather they would beep and display the cell phone selection of the particular person seeking to contact you or “hit you up”.

The real truth is, the actual origin of the abbreviation is unfamiliar. As with numerous other acronyms, one particular day HMU just appeared on Urban Dictionary. HMU then turned a well-known on line pattern, and swiftly unfold all about the net. 

After HMU grew to become an world-wide-web meme, end users gave it a second indicating – hold my unicorn. Even though it’s only at any time made use of on-line as a joke or as a meme. 

Given that HMU is frequently utilized for flirting, the all-natural progress of the acronym was turning into a element of the on line courting scene. One particular of the initially outcomes Google will give you when you kind HMU is a alternatively cringey relationship internet site in which they supply a amount of evaluations for other dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, as nicely as a amount of female-only profiles that don’t look everything like true people today. 

If you make your mind up to use this or a related internet site for online dating uses, make absolutely sure to check out out our guideline on how to location and steer clear of on the internet courting scammers. 

How to Use HMU

Although you can say strike me up out loud without people supplying you appears to be like, the acronym HMU is reserved for on line use only. There are distinct ways that you can use this abbreviation in your each day conversation, relying on the problem and context. 

Use HMU in Texting

The most widespread location where you’ll see other persons utilizing HMU and other identical acronyms is instant messaging applications. There aren’t any stringent procedures to the accurate spelling of the acronym. Right here are the variations that you are most very likely to see on the net:

  • HMU. Employed on its own and in all capital letters to point out the urgency of a information or call ask for.
  • hmu. Use this version if you want to be a section of the increasing pattern of creating almost everything in lowercase letters to make it sound more everyday or laid-back again. 
  • HMU in the beginning or finish of the information. Integrating the acronym into your concept is most likely the best way to use it if you do not want to possibility a different individual misunderstanding you. 

Use HMU to Contact People today Again

HMU is not always used in its unique form. One particular variation of this acronym is HYU which stands for strike you up – the reverse this means to HMU. You can use it in a text reply to an individual if you want to be the particular person getting in touch with them back again. 

Use HMU as a GIF or Meme

On social media, or when exchanging messages with friends, you can use GIFs or memes to convey the similar which means as HMU. Many thanks to tools like GIPHY becoming built-in into most social media applications now, all you require to do is open up the appropriate dialogue, discover the solution to mail GIFs in the chat box and type HMU into the research bar. 

If you want to incorporate some humor to your dialogue, you can research for HMU memes on the net and share them in a chat. Alternatively, you can generate your individual HMU memes employing just one of the unique on line applications. 

Start Applying Acronyms in Your Every day Communication

Chatting to somebody on-line is typically a distinct encounter to chatting to anyone in authentic lifetime. So why not have pleasurable with it and increase a several fascinating abbreviations, emojis, GIFs, and other implies of conveying your concept. 

Have you arrive throughout the HMU acronym ahead of? What other abbreviations do you use in your on line communication? Share your encounter with on line slang in the feedback down below. 

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