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These times, with the potential for information to be passed close to at these a rapid fee, sure phrases get picked up and made use of so a great deal that they sometimes get an fully distinctive indicating than they ended up originally utilised for.

This sort of an abbreviation you might have witnessed or read becoming made use of about the world-wide-web, and in particular in gaming, is “GG.” 

What does “GG” signify? It stands for “good game” and actually has been all-around due to the fact multiplayer aggressive gaming has. It’s been utilized from its inception in a way comparable to how athletes use it, as a sign of regard to your fellow players, even if they’re from the opposite team. 

Of training course, in the gaming scene, this phrase grew to become abbreviated to GG and around time, its this means has taken on differing connotations. 

The Beginnings of GG

The days of LAN, or area-area-network gaming, was when the multiplayer gaming scene was just having started out. Through this time, this form of gameplay was incredibly new, and not numerous men and women had accessibility to it. 

Taking part in a activity with other folks usually intended just mates you knew individually, not another person all the way throughout the planet. For the reason that of that, players had a lot much more of an incentive to exhibit regard to others. 

Quicker or later, nevertheless, on the web multiplayer gaming was destined to flip into a thing extra. And it did so with video games like Quake and Starcraft, the latter of which is identified for actually starting the use of the expression GG. As games like these grew much more and more well known, the use of GG started out to come to be normal when an in-game defeat transpired. 

Use of the term quickly grew to become widespread, so much so that just about absolutely everyone who played on-line games realized what it stood for. But just like most issues that get popular, there are people today out there who began to misuse or twist its this means. 

How GG Started To Be Made use of Offensively

When it will come down to it, players are competitive. Why else would you sit on your computer system for hours on close trying to get superior at a unique recreation, if you did not want to get as significantly as humanly achievable? 

When on-line multiplayer gaming started off to get to this degree of competitiveness, the amount of money of pettiness in sport chats also grew. Even early on, some gamers disliked the use of GG to stop a video game. To them, it felt additional like a taunt than a sign of regard. 

Some people today started to use GG at the starting of a video game, indicating that they by now understood they ended up heading to earn. Many others would use it sarcastically at the stop of the game, to inform their opponents the earn was way too straightforward. What at initially was a phrase of fantastic sportsmanship became some thing gamers said to get a rise out of opponents. 

Over time, as this new this means of GG started to choose keep, the abbreviation was introduced into the mainstream and men and women commenced to use it sarcastically not only in-game, but in genuine daily life. It commenced to be utilized in net circles as a joke when a thing goes so horribly mistaken that you can only say GG to whatever brought about it. 

At present, GG is almost never utilized in its primary context, and additional usually as a joke. Typically, however, it’s really apparent to convey to if someone is applying it sincerely or to poke fun. 

Other Makes use of Of GG

Out of the abbreviation GG grew a several others, generally to emphasize the sarcastic or condescending nature of the remark. Quite a few will use these conditions or a blend of them to seriously pack a punch soon after an opponent’s defeat. 


This implies “good recreation, easy” and is utilized to convey to the opposing group that the match was no problem. It’s virtually constantly employed as an insult to the other staff, but may possibly also be employed in your very own group to congratulate yourselves. But if it is seriously getting made use of disrespectfully, a single could insert “LOL” at the stop, or “laugh out loud” to get the position across. 

GG No Re

“Good match, no rematch” is an particularly heinous phrase to use. It most normally indicates the recreation was so quick you really do not even want to have a rematch with your opponent. Some also mix it with EZ, as previously mentioned. 


This just one is quite a little bit milder, meaning “good game, nicely played.” Nonetheless, it can also be applied sarcastically in selected contexts if a activity had an specially quick get. And if you use it with the other abbreviations over, the sarcasm will virtually be tangible. 

To Use Or Not To Use GG

So with all this currently being stated, you could possibly be thinking no matter if or not you ought to use GG oneself when enjoying video games or or else. In all actuality, it actually depends on the context you are using it in. 

If you’re expressing it soon after a sport and you want to show respect, most of the time other players will not bat an eye at the singular use of GG. But if you say it in advance of a match has started off, or in a condescending way, you need to almost certainly prepare for some backlash. 

Most of the time, while, people will understand its use as a joke and will not genuinely get angry. So, in the close, it’s up to you when and how you want to use GG. And if you do want to make your opponents a very little peeved, nicely, now you know how. 

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