The 7 Rarest N64 Games

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The Nintendo 64 was a console graced with dozens of rare, one of a kind titles. Now, some 18 many years after the very last recreation was produced for the console, collectors scour flea markets, on line marketplaces, and other stores for titles missing from their selection.

If you’re curious about how considerably some individuals will go to total their assortment, you need glimpse only as significantly as the rarest (and most precious) N64 online games. The console created some accurate hidden treasures that fetch a great price tag on the market—and quite a few of people are following to impossible to discover currently.

No matter whether you are a collector or just an individual poking all over a bit of gaming record, these are the rarest N64 game titles.

Turok: Rage Wars Gray Cart

Turok is a single of the most well-known titles on the Nintendo 64, but Rage Wars did not receive the exact same acclaim. For starters, it isn’t thought of a canonical entry in the collection. It also place more emphasis on multiplayer than the other online games, but this was hindered by a sport-breaking bug.

The original version of Turok: Rage Wars launched in a black cartridge. As soon as the bug was found, Acclaim unveiled a resolve. The corrected variation of the game unveiled on a grey cartridge.

Collectors have just lately come to know the value of the grey cart. While a model of the video game on a black cart can be had for as very little as $12, a grey cartridge can price $350 or a lot more.

Starcraft 64

Genuine-time technique online games have never been wildly preferred on consoles, but specially not in the Nintendo 64 era. Starcraft 64 earned acclaim many thanks to a simplified handle scheme (and a location on Toonami that attracted a lot of younger gamers.)

It was not until the release of Starcraft II on Personal computer that the N64 version of the unique title turned popular. As the recreation didn’t have popular level of popularity to get started with, it was currently hard to come across. Now a copy will operate you all over $35 on eBay.

Never permit the low price idiot you, however. Starcraft 64 is just one of the rarest N64 game titles in the lineup that can be hard to arrive by.

Stunt Racer 64

The N64 era saw pretty a number of minimal run releases, like some games that had been only launched in specific destinations. Stunt Racer 64 is just one of these game titles. It was only accessible via Blockbuster. Whilst not as dear as some of the other video games on this list, it can be difficult to locate.

Whilst a loose cartridge can be observed with relative relieve, collectors seeking for a full in-box copy will fork out by way of the nose for the privilege, with costs achieving as significant as $600. A entire duplicate of Stunt Racer 64 is a person of the rarest N64 online games out there.

Bomberman 64: The Second Assault

Bomberman 64 was not the most preferred activity out there, even while it was nonetheless a whole lot of exciting. Other entries in the sequence noticed extra essential and business praise. Even with this, Hudson Soft launched another game on the N64 ideal at the conclude of the console’s lifespan.

Thanks to its late launch, a great deal of stores did not have it in stores. Copies range anyplace from $25 and up, but a sealed model of the match can price tag effectively more than $1,000.

Clay Fighter 63 ½ Sculptor’s Reduce

A further Blockbuster exclusive, Clay Fighter 63 ½ now regarded as one particular of the rarest N64 game titles of all time. When you can come across a free cartridge for “reasonable” selling prices, a comprehensive in-box version will make even the most devoted collector blanche at the rate.

The Sculptor’s Slash is not far too diverse from the main recreation, but provides a several further people. Nowadays, a copy of the video game in the box will operate you all-around $1,100, although a entire duplicate with the manual might make it price as significantly as $1,700 or far more.

The motive for this rarity is since it was a Blockbuster distinctive. As a end result, it can be nearly not possible to come across a guide and/or box in very good situation.

Tremendous Bowling

The thought of a bowling match isn’t much too unusual now. Just after all, Wii Bowling established the normal for what to assume on a dwelling console. In the late 90s and early 2000s, bowling wasn’t a well known sort of match on home consoles.

Super Bowling arrived out just before the launch of the Gamecube, so it dropped a large amount of profits to the forthcoming console. Given that it appealed to these types of a specialized niche audience to commence with, the match is understandably a single of the rarest N64 online games and hard to locate.

Now, you can get a duplicate of Tremendous Bowling for a little bit in excess of $100 for just the cartridge, but a comprehensive in-box duplicate could possibly cost wherever from $300 to $600.

Hey You, Pikachu!

Hey You, Pikachu! Was an odd activity to begin with. It made use of a microphone that plugged into the N64 and allowed the player to communicate with Pikachu, asking him to carry out specified responsibilities and interact on a level never ever before viewed. It came out close to the stop of the N64’s lifespan and capitalized on the reputation of the Pokemon franchise.

Unfortunately, it didn’t realize the identical concentrations of acclaim as other online games. A person of the good reasons was that it lacked a storyline. The other was that the technology just was not there—despite the microphone addition, Hey You, Pikachu! did not get the job done fantastic.

Though acquiring a duplicate of the cartridge is not especially difficult, finding a complete copy of the activity with the doing the job microphone and other attachments is not fairly so uncomplicated. A full in-box copy can run as superior as $450.

What is your favourite rarest N64 recreation? Let us know in the remarks under.

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