The 7 Best N64 Racing Games

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The Nintendo 64 library of games is whole of powerhouse titles, and racing video games are no exception. Some of the finest racers (even in contemporary times) can be found on the N64. If you’re a fan of retro gaming, you owe it to yourself to commit a lazy weekend playing through the most effective video games the library has to give. 

We have done the tricky get the job done and rounded up the very best N64 racing online games. If you do not however have one laying all-around, you can also examine out a N64 emulator. You can test out some emulators below, right here and listed here.

Mario Kart 64

Was there seriously any doubt which game would best this record? Mario Kart 64 is arguably even now the most effective N64 racing recreation in the Mario Kart sequence. It builds on the foundations laid by Tremendous Mario Kart with 4 unique video game modes and 8 playable people.

The greatest versions of the series’ most beloved ranges can be identified in Mario Kart 64—particularly Rainbow Street. If you can get your arms on a duplicate of Mario Kart 64, irrespective of whether on the authentic console or by means of emulation, it is a superb way to pass the time with close friends.

F-Zero X

The authentic F-Zero released in 1990, so when the sequel arrived out 8 years later on, admirers were psyched to see what it would hold. F-Zero X did not disappoint. It’s 1 of the most effective titles on the N64 and retains an extraordinary total of content.

There are 24 distinctive tracks to race on, as perfectly as 30 distinctive automobiles. There is even the “X” cup to take part in, that generates random tracks every single time you engage in. This means the range of races is just about endless. Just about every race is distinctive, making this a person of the N64 racing game titles with the most replayability.

Wipeout 64

Wipeout is a rare title in the Nintendo library, as nearly just about every match in the series—with the exception of three—have been unveiled on a Sony console. The title is a futuristic racer that feels a bit like F-Zero in some respects, but stands strong on its possess. It makes it possible for for up to 4-gamers in break up monitor method. It also introduces additional weapons than the previous titles, such as rear-locking missiles.

Regretably, longtime followers of the sequence will be aware that most of the tracks are just mirrored versions of tracks from the previous game titles, but that doesn’t halt them from being amazingly exciting to experience on the Nintendo 64.

Micro Machines 64 Turbo

Micro Machines is an odd collection, but don’t allow the title idiot you—the sum of entertaining in this title is anything but micro. This is the best recreation for anybody that liked participating in with the Micro Equipment cars and trucks as young children. You choose control of a little toy auto and race throughout tracks developed out of day-to-day objects, but the measurement of your smaller vehicle helps make them feel larger than life.

The controls are basic, which would make the video game uncomplicated to pick up and enjoy, but you will not get bored at any time shortly. There are 32 diverse sorts of motor vehicles to work and 48 tracks to discover. There are both time trials and head-to-head multiplayer.

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

If you are searching for a fantastic N64 racing activity, then Star Wars Episode 1: Racer is one particular recreation you shouldn’t skip. Really don’t go around it due to the fact of the title. It will take all the very best elements of episode 1—pod racing—and leaves out the relaxation.

There are 25 diverse racers just about every with their personal capabilities and pods, and you can enhance every and every motor vehicle in the shop. The customization is extraordinary for a Nintendo 64 title. The upgrades make a variation in how every single motor vehicle responds.

Problems also performs a large role in this title. If you crash on your still left facet, then you might discover the auto a little more durable to manage when going left. Your pod will also be extra susceptible on that facet. It introduces a strategic element to the races that is not existing in numerous other N64 racing games.

Lego Racers

Any video game with Lego in its title is bound to have at least two or 3 standout features. Lego Racers life up to this expectation with insane customization solutions. As a participant, you are presented a quantity of Legos to do the job with that let you establish equally your driver and your car or truck.

The choose of Legos you can use to personalize your auto and driver go up as you make extra development in the recreation. You also unlock additional through the storyline, a series of four different cups with six tracks in every single. You can even degree up the diverse weapons you have access to in get to make them much more highly effective.

Lego Racers enables split display screen mode only for one races, which is a little bit of a disgrace. This would be a good title to perform with friends, but the multiplayer mode is to some degree minimal. Nonetheless, the single player method will be some of the most exciting you have on the N64.

San Francisco Rush: Intense Racing

San Francisco Hurry: Serious Racing is a port of an arcade game, but the N64 edition is arguably improved than the first for many reasons—least of which is the introduction of extra tracks. The Nintendo 64 edition of the racing video game has 6 tracks, two of which maintain secret “stunt” classes.

Depending on who you request, the sport does not have the smoothest controls. Some people delight in the knowledge of applying the Nintendo 64’s analogue adhere, when other individuals identified it non-responsive. Our belief is that it operates just high-quality, while applying a peripheral steering wheel did include a new factor to the title.

What will make San Francisco Hurry: Extraordinary Racing stand out is the Follow Mode and Dying Race Method. In Dying Race Method, autos keep on being on the tracks immediately after they crash. This provides an additional level of issue and is also an amazing technical feat provided the Nintendo 64’s confined hardware.

What is the greatest N64 racing sport in your belief? Enable us know in the reviews beneath.  

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