How To Play World of Warcraft With a Controller

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Still really possibly the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (Mmo) in the earth, Earth of Warcraft (WoW) is coming up on its eighth expansion. Although WoW carries on to make strides in storytelling, battle, and class id, following fifteen decades it nonetheless continues to be written content in its archaic method to how the sport is played.

Contrary to newer, more modern-day MMORPGs which have observed in shape to increase a gamepad alternative, Earth of Warcraft has remained stubbornly regular in its keyboard and mouse interface. This comes as no real shock observing as the sport is tailor-made toward the use of Pc peripherals. 

Nonetheless, opting for the comfort of a couch-certain session may be preferable at moments to the back again ache incurred putting several hours into a video game from driving a desk. Thankfully, ConsolePort is here to guide you with playing Entire world of Warcraft with a controller.

How To Engage in Earth of Warcraft With a Controller

ConsolePort is a World of Warcraft add-on that supports PlayStation DualShock4 (DS4), Xbox 360 and Xbox One particular, as nicely as Steam controllers. It’s an incorporate-on that doesn’t have the official assistance of the WoW growth staff above at Activision-Blizzard, but is effective just like any other add-on obtainable to the WoW neighborhood.

The setup is astonishingly basic and does not demand significantly a lot more than the ConsolePort insert-on, a single of the aforementioned controller choices, WoWMapper, and the World of Warcraft game itself.

Location Up a Controller For Use With Earth of Warcraft

Connecting the gamepad of your preference will be the 1st move. Equally the Xbox and Steam controllers link to a Computer system simply as they can be linked by both dongle (Xbox) or Bluetooth (Steam). The DS4 will require an further down load in the kind of DS4Windows.

Steam Controller Set up

In purchase to use the Steam controller with ConsolePort it will have to have that you configure possibly your Steam desktop or overlay profiles.You are going to also want to download the ConsolePort Initial add-on.

  1. At the time the insert-on has been downloaded, area the .vdf file into your Steam folder. It really should glance some thing like C:Application Documents (x86)Steamcontroller_basetemplates.
  2. Just after becoming put, launch or restart your Steam client.
  3. With Steam released, navigate to Configurations > Controller > Desktop Configuration > Look through Configs > Templates.
  4. Lookup for and select ConsolePort Formal from the listing.
  5. Head back again into Options > In-Sport and uncheck Permit the Steam Overlay when in-sport to stay clear of conflicting keybinds.
  6. Exit Configurations and now your desktop profile is configured for ConsolePort.

One more way to enable the Steam controller for ConsolePort is by way of the overlay.

  1. Insert the WoW consumer, both WoW-64.exe or WoW.exe, to the Steam shopper as a non-steam sport.
    • You can do this from your Steam Library by clicking +Add A Game positioned at the bottom still left of the window and selecting Increase a Non-Steam Game…
  2. Navigate again to Configurations > Controller > Major Photo Configuration and locate Globe of Warcraft.
  3. Select Deal with Shortcut > Configure Controller > Look through Configs.
  4. In the Templates tab, find ConsolePort Official.


WoWMapper is a free of charge and easy to use executable file that you will have to boot up prior to logging into Globe of Warcraft. It will look for for the sport, the controller, and the ConsolePort incorporate-on and formulate an conversation involving them.

All you will need to do is obtain the .zip from GitHub, extract it, and have it functioning in the track record while you match. Make confident to operate the software from the browser dialogue, and you’ll be great to go.


Obtain the ConsolePort include-on for no cost from Unzip it and increase it to your WoW Addons folder. This can normally be located at C:Plan FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns. Drag the unzipped model of ConsolePort directly into the AddOns folder.

ConsolePort Calibration And Structure

You can now start Globe of Warcraft. 

  1. At the base remaining of the character choose display screen, simply click the Addons button. 
  2. Guarantee that all checkboxes for ConsolePort have been checked Apart from the Advanced Possibility.
    • Advanced Alternatives are only encouraged the moment you’ve gotten a handle on the addon working with the default possibilities.
  3. Enter the activity with a person of your people.
  4. You will now have to calibrate ConsolePort with your controller. A series of button presses will be essential to map out your controller to the default button format. 
    • The default layout will give you immediate regulate about your character using the remaining analog though the digital camera can be controlled with the correct.

From right here you can personalize the remainder of the buttons on your controller to healthy the most reasonable use of talents in-sport. Where you area the keybinds will be decided by your possess playstyle and whichever operates for you.

ConsolePort presents a much more versatile just take on the world’s most effective Mmog. It is constrained thanks to Blizzard’s deficiency of native controller help, but however does a wonderful task with its default calibration. The incorporate-on can be simply enabled or disabled right from the Addons menu and your tastes will keep on being no matter if energetic or not.

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