How To Move Your Dropbox Folder

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When you set up Dropbox on your laptop, Dropbox results in a default folder in a particular place to retail store your data files. If you at any time want to improve your folder structure or you want to use an exterior travel for your Dropbox information, you can go your Dropbox folder.

You can shift the Dropbox folder to anywhere you like. Having said that, you just cannot do that employing the regular methods you use to shift folders in Windows Explorer. You are going to need to adjust an solution in Dropbox configurations to modify your default Dropbox folder locale.

Ahead of You Go Your Dropbox Folder

In contrast to regular folders, transferring the Dropbox folder to just about any storage device can lead to concerns. The adhering to points out what drives you ought to and shouldn’t use with the Dropbox app.

Use Interior Drives

Usually check out and use internal drives to store your Dropbox folder. This is because your operating process connects to these drives when you boot your computer system. This assists Dropbox come across your Dropbox folder as quickly as you start the Dropbox application (or when the application launches instantly on boot-up).

Do not Use External Drives

Technically, you can transfer your Dropbox folder to an external generate. On the other hand, this is not suggested. Due to various good reasons, exterior drives can in some cases get disconnected whilst Dropbox is striving to sync your information.

Also, the Dropbox folder should really be readily available when you launch the Dropbox app. If your exterior drives get mounted following Dropbox launches, Dropbox will not be capable to uncover the folder to store your data files. This can result in unexpected challenges.

Really don’t Use Network Drives

Community drives do not mail a “file update event” to the personal computer process when you make a adjust to a file stored on this variety of generate. Dropbox demands that occasion to figure out your file adjustments and to resync your data files. Since of this, Dropbox does not support community drives.

Never Use Removable Media

Anything that can be regarded as a removable media like an SD card or a microSD card simply cannot be utilized to store your Dropbox information. Dropbox doesn’t aid these storage devices.

Dropbox requirements continuous access to the Dropbox folder and detachable media is meant to be taken out from your computer from time to time. For that reason, these devices should not be utilised to shop your Dropbox folder.

How To Shift Your Dropbox Folder

Dropbox has an selection in its desktop application to let you pick out a new default Dropbox folder. You can access this choice as follows.

  1. Click the Dropbox icon in your program tray.
  1. In the Dropbox display screen that opens, click your profile icon at the top-ideal corner and pick Tastes.
  1. Simply click the last tab that suggests Sync in the tabs row at the best.
  2. You will see an possibility that claims Dropbox folder site and a path shown subsequent to it. Simply click the Shift button subsequent to the path to go your Dropbox folder.
  1. You can now navigate to your personal computer storage and pick a new location for your Dropbox folder. Click on Ok when you have picked a folder.
  1. You’ll get a prompt indicating all your files will be moved to the new area. Pick Okay to keep on.
  1. Simply click Implement followed by Alright to help you save the improvements.

What To Do If You Cannot Transfer Your Dropbox Folder

If you see an error though relocating your Dropbox folder or if Dropbox won’t take your new folder spot, you will require to fix the fundamental problems.

Documents Or Folders Are In Use

If a system is using your Dropbox files or folders, you won’t be ready to transfer the Dropbox folder. You require to initial shut the software or plans that are applying your Dropbox files. Then repeat the course of action earlier mentioned to shift your Dropbox folder.

Use Selective Sync

If you have far too lots of information in your current Dropbox folder, you can consider reducing the variety of these documents and then transfer your Dropbox folder. As soon as the folder is moved, you can resync the remaining information.

You can cut down your Dropbox files by applying Selective Sync. This attribute lets you selectively sync your data files and folders. You should really select only a several folders to be synced to start with.

  1. Open up Dropbox settings by clicking the Dropbox icon in the program tray, deciding upon the profile icon, and deciding on Preferences.
  2. Head to the past tab that states Sync.
  3. Click the Selective Sync button to pick the folders that you want to sync.

There Is not Enough Area On Your New Travel

If you are shifting your Dropbox folder to another travel, make absolutely sure there is ample storage on the travel.

Eliminate unwanted documents from the drive to make space for your Dropbox documents.

Really don’t Use Symlinks

A symlink is a shortcut to a file or folder on your personal computer. Buyers in some cases create symlinks to level their Dropbox folder to an additional place on their computer systems.

Having said that, Dropbox does not recommend you use symlinks for your Dropbox folder. These symlinks can lead to troubles like substantial-CPU usage, authorization issues, syncing troubles, and so on.

If you’ve set up any symlinks for the Dropbox folder, discard those people symlinks and then try out to move your Dropbox folder.

Authorization Problems

Just one motive you just can’t transfer your Dropbox folder is that you don’t have required permissions for your Dropbox folders and documents. You can fix this permissions situation by working a couple of instructions from the Command Prompt.

  1. Simply click the Dropbox icon on your process tray.
  2. Choose your profile icon at the top-proper corner and pick out Exit Dropbox. This’ll shut the Dropbox application.
  1. Push the Windows + R keys at the very same time, type cmd, and hit Enter. This’ll open up the Command Prompt.
  2. Form the following into the Command Prompt. This command assumes you haven’t moved your Dropbox folder before. This’ll grant the necessary permissions for your Dropbox folder to your person account.

    icacls “%HOMEPATH%Dropbox” /grant “%USERNAME%”:(F) /T

  1. As soon as the higher than command is executed, run the subsequent command. This command will grant you demanded permissions to use the Dropbox folder situated in the appdata listing on your computer system.

    icacls “%APPDATA%Dropbox” /grant “%USERNAME%”:(F) /T

  1. Open up the Start out Menu and launch Dropbox.

You can now shift your Dropbox folder to a new location.

How To Shift Your Dropbox Folder Again To Default Location

If you want to carry your Dropbox folder again to its first place, you can do that by moving into a single phrase in the Dropbox path field in the Dropbox application.

  1. Click on Dropbox in your technique tray, decide on your profile at the top rated-proper corner, and choose Tastes.
  2. Pick the final tab that suggests Sync to view your Dropbox folder options.
  3. Simply click the Shift button upcoming to Dropbox folder area to shift your Dropbox folder.
  4. You are going to see a area upcoming to in which it says Folder. Sort the adhering to into that discipline and strike Alright.


  1. Select Ok in the prompt to start shifting your Dropbox folder.

If you’ve moved the Dropbox folder to a different push, you want to continue to keep in mind anybody with access to that generate can perspective your Dropbox data files. If privacy is your key issue, you really should preserve the folder in which only you can accessibility it.

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