How to Minimize a Windows Program to the System Tray

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The Windows interface has gone through several ups and downs in excess of the many years. Some developments, these kinds of as the Start off Menu, are beloved. Other folks, this kind of as the ill-fated Windows 8 Metro interface, are mostly disliked. 

The undertaking bar, where your minimized windows live, is barely the focus on of these types of despise. On the other hand, it can get very crowded. Not all of your programs, primarily types that have to run continuously, will need to choose up place there. Regrettably, Home windows offers no native way to minimize a window to the other valuable place – the notification spot. Previously referred to as the procedure tray.

The Notification Spot

Extended-time Home windows end users have usually identified the little reserved location that consists of the clock show in Windows as the “system tray”. We largely still call it that, but the suitable identify for this element of the Windows person interface is actually the “notification area”. 

What is in a name? Not much to be sincere, but knowing the formal title of the system tray will be useful for any upcoming Google lookups linked to it. 

Working with Decrease to Tray to, Perfectly, Decrease to the Tray

Minimize To Tray is a free and open up supply moveable software. Given that it’s a transportable you never in fact install just about anything. You just down load and operate the method. That also signifies that it will not begin up immediately each individual time you start Windows. So you could possibly want to make a shortcut and pin it to your taskbar or Start out Menu.

Using Reduce To Tray is very very simple, right here are the important steps:

  • Obtain Lower To Tray and unzip it to a spot of your alternative.
  • Run the system from its folder or from a shortcut you’ve made.
  • Swap to whichever window you’d like to decrease to the tray.
  • Press Alt + F1 and that window will limit to the tray.

To restore a window, you can use Alt+F2, or suitable-simply click on the app’s tray icon viewed right here.

Then choose the Window you want to restore from there.

Using RBtray to Speedily Decrease Nearly Any Window to Tray

RBtray is a very small open up supply applet that works in the most ingenious way. Although RBtray is working, all you have to do is suitable-simply click on the lower button of a window. That is as opposed to the usual left-click, which would decrease a window to the taskbar.

You’ll find the software icons in the notification location and you can restore the software windows by remaining-clicking on them there.

RBtray does not set up to the process. So you will have to begin the software every single time you want to use it. This is a minor headache. You can basically pin a shortcut to the method on the taskbar or begin menu. Alternatively, if you experience like being a tiny fancy, you can set it as a startup application so that it launches instantly every single time Windows starts off. Here’s how to use the method:

  • Down load RBtray and unzip it to a place of your alternative.
  • Run the application from its folder, or through a shortcut.
  • The to start with time you run RBtray you are going to get a window with some directions, pick out Alright to go on.
  • RBtray is now working, but it has no icons or other indicator that it is undertaking just about anything.
  • Ideal-click on on any reduce button to lessen its window to the notification space.
  • Alternatively, hold Shift although proper-clicking on the title bar of any Window for the exact same influence.
  • You can limit the energetic window with the keyboard shortcut Acquire+Alt+Down arrow.
  • To close RBtray, operate it once again and the system will inquire you if you want to near the copy which is already functioning.

It’s genuinely that very simple. 

Precise Home windows Minimizer ($19.95)

The two of the previous two applications are absolutely no cost, but if you’re up for paying a minor dollars to get your windows tucked into the notification region, then Real Windows Minimizer may possibly be a good alternative as nicely.

There is a trial model of the software package you can attempt for by yourself to see if the excess level of polish and supplemental features are truly worth it. The to start with headline element as opposed to the former two applications is a designed-in choice to operate the software at startup. Of study course, you can configure any application to run at startup with a minor elbow grease, but a just one-simply click alternative is welcome.

The other issue that’s neat about True Windows Minimizer is that it provides an additional button to software windows. This way, you still keep the standard decrease button operation. You also have the choice of modifying the way the conventional lower button will work. You can also mark precise applications that operate at startup to instantly reduce a window to the tray.

A different vital attribute is the manage the software has more than which icons are usually obvious in the notification space. If there’s an application that you want to stay visible no issue what, you can set it to “permanent mode” so that you have brief a person-simply click accessibility to it. 

Once you tally up all the many functions Actual Window Minimizer has to offer you, the cost does not feel that unreasonable. Assuming that they are functions you will essentially use, of class.

Applications With Indigenous Tray Reduce Features

Developers have recognized that some purposes are superior suited to the notification place than they are to the taskbar. So it’s worthy of checking inside that software whether or not it has an possibility to reduce to the tray alternatively.

You might even have some luck submitting a aspect request, if your most loved software does not have this possibility. Not all programs play properly with the utilities we talked about higher than, in which scenario immediate support from the developer would be necessary.

A Minimalist Resolution

With a little bit of luck, Microsoft may possibly one working day include the potential to lessen any software to the tray as a designed-in function of Home windows. It is not unheard of for working procedure builders to undertake capabilities from third-party purposes that people adore. 

So if you truly can not dwell without having the ability to limit an software to the tray, it could possibly be worthy of letting Microsoft know that this is a element you want to see baked immediately into Microsoft Home windows.

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