How to Measure Distance on Google Earth

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Google Earth may well be the coolest of all the Google apps. It is like Google Maps’ younger, extra tech-savvy sibling. What other cost-free, open up resource program offers you the ability to take a look at our shared earth, zooming from your household to a town on the other side of the globe or even to space—all in just a number of clicks or faucets?

In this write-up, we’ll display you how to evaluate distances, parts, and elevations on Google Earth. The 1st move is to choose a model of Google Earth to use. There are 3 main versions. 

The fastest way to get started off is to obtain Google Earth on the internet by traveling to from a supported net browser. At this time, supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

Mobile unit buyers can download the Google Earth application from Apple’s Application Keep or from the Google Play retail outlet. 

And individuals of you who want accessibility to a lot more capabilities can download Google Earth Professional. Regardless of the “Pro” in its name, this desktop application is free and readily available for Computer system, Mac, and Linux. Google Earth Pro features historical imagery and the capability to import and export GIS data—features that the world wide web and mobile applications absence. 

How to Measure Distances with Google Earth

In advance of we get into how to evaluate distances in Google Earth, first a warning about accuracy. Volumes have been penned on this subject matter, and the upshot is that positional precision in Google Earth isn’t excellent, specially in excess of very long distances. For most beginner people and takes advantage of, even though, it’ll be good enough.

You will uncover that measuring the length involving two points on Google Earth is straightforward.

  1. Lookup for your starting off issue.
  1. Decide on the ruler in the toolbar.
  1. Decide on your beginning point by clicking on the map.
  1. Pick out a next place on the map. The line involving the two factors will be yellow, and the distance concerning them will be exhibited.

If you want to take out the previous place you established, pick out Undo. You can also click and drag any points you’ve already set.

Units of Length in Google Earth

Google Earth will routinely choose the device of measurement that helps make the most feeling for the length you have calculated. Alternatively, you can toggle among many models of measurement. 

Choose the dropdown arrow upcoming to the distance, and select your measurement unit. Selections array from metric models like centimeters, meters, and kilometers, to imperial measurements like inches, feet, yards, and miles. You can also decide for nautical miles or even Smoots. 

How to Measure Location with Google Earth

Measuring the spot of a polygon in Google Earth is really equivalent to measuring the length concerning two factors. Simply incorporate three or extra factors and near the form by deciding on the initial level.

The data panel will now display the two the perimeter and the spot of the shape you have established.

Again, you can alter the unit of measurement by selecting the dropdown arrow next to every measurement.

How to Evaluate Elevation in Google Earth

Google Earth would make it actually effortless to locate the elevation of any put on the world. Just pick out a position on the map, and the elevation will display screen in the lower-proper corner of the map.

How to Evaluate Your House’s Top on Google Earth

Now that you know how to measure elevation, you can use that expertise to estimate the height of your property (or any making) provided that Google Earth is rendering the making in 3D. 

This work out arrives down to a few ways:

  1. Establish the elevation of ground stage by clicking on a place on the map at ground amount. Notice the elevation measurement of that issue in the bottom-right corner of the map.
  2. Determine the elevation of the roof of the constructing whose top you want to evaluate by clicking on the roof of the building on the map. Take note the elevation measurement of that point in the base-appropriate corner of the map.
  3. Subtract the floor level elevation from the elevation of the roof, and that provides you the height of the creating.

Measuring 3D Polygons with Google Earth Pro

If you’re utilizing Google Earth Professional, you can go about this a various way. 

  1. In the Levels panel, make sure the box next to 3D Properties is checked.
  1. Decide on the ruler resource.
  1. In the Ruler pop-up window, pick out the 3D polygon tab.
  1. Click on the map to set your details. You could find, for instance, the four corners of just one aspect of a developing. The Ruler panel will screen the perimeter and the region of the polygon condition you have established. Again, you can use the dropdown arrows to pick distinct models of measurement.

What Else Can You Do with Google Earth?

There’s so substantially additional to Google Earth further than measuring distances and areas. Start the Voyager showcase and love interactive tours, quizzes, and map layers.

Or, in genuine Google style, find the “I’m experience lucky” icon, and Google Earth will whisk you away to a section of the earth you’ve possibly under no circumstances heard of right before. And, just before you go away, be sure to learn how to launch the free Flight Simulator activity which is hidden inside Google Earth Pro!

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