How to Make Custom Routes in Google Maps

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Using spontaneous road excursions can be fun, but in some cases you want to be a small much more strategic and prepare your routes in progress. Obtaining your tailor made routes now mapped out for you in Google Maps is helpful: It removes the strain of missing an significant flip, and gives you the potential to share your journey ideas with some others. 

You don’t want to use your car’s GPS or any further application. Google Maps allows you to increase diverse pins, designs, and instructions to your routes. Here’s how to make customized routes in Google Maps. 

How to Generate Personalized Routes in Google Maps

Though Google Maps lets you to produce your personal custom made route, it does occur with a couple limitations. For instance, you simply cannot start totally from scratch, meaning you’ll have to use the default landscape. You can then personalize it by including other components, which include new destinations, routes, and shapes. You are going to also have to use Google Maps on your desktop to build maps. To make your first personalized map, abide by the measures under. 

  1. Open the Google Maps web-site in your desktop browser and sign in with your Google account.
  1. Open up the Menu from the top rated remaining corner of your display screen.
  1. From the drop-down menu, decide on Your locations
  1. Less than Your places, pick out Maps > Make Map
  1. A new Google Maps window will open with your custom made map.
  1. Select Untitled Map in the higher-still left corner of the display to edit the new map’s title and description. Find Help you save to verify. 

How to Customize Your Google Map

Following you pick a title for your new map, you can commence customizing it by introducing custom routes and aspects to it, such as levels, markers, designs, and instructions. To start off customizing your map, make confident you’re in the map editor window and have a new map open.

Map Layers

Your tailor made map is designed up of layers. The bottom layer is the Foundation map. You can constantly customize the appear of your map by switching the Base map layer. 

To opt for a distinctive look for your map, pick out Foundation map at the bottom of the menu. Then choose your favored appear: Map, Satellite, or Terrain

When you create a new custom made map, you have an Untitled Layer added to it by default. You can either develop an whole map applying just a single layer, or add additional layers as you go. A multi-layered map permits you to different distinct routes and locations for afterwards entry. So you can have several highway visits or going for walks paths prepared all on prime of the identical customized map.

To insert a new layer to your personalized map, find Increase layer on leading of the menu. 

You can take away levels from your customized map at any time. To delete a layer, choose the a few vertical dots up coming to it to open up the menu. Then decide on Delete this layer. There is also an solution to Rename this layer and display Stage-by-phase instructions in the identical menu. 


A map marker is a pin that seems on your map marking a specified location or a landmark. Markers are useful when you need to share the actual locale of a place with other consumers, or when you need to incorporate remarks or extra notes for a location. 

To insert a marker to your customized map, find the handle or a landmark that you want to pin. Then choose Increase marker from the toolbar situated beneath the search bar. In the pop-up window, fill in the description of your map marker: name and description. There’s also an selection to Include image or movie to your marker to make it additional seen on the map. When you’re completed, pick out Preserve to affirm. 

You can constantly go again and edit your marker after you incorporate it to your map. You can adjust its name, description, design, as nicely as demonstrate directions on your map. 

Traces & Designs

Yet another ingredient that you can incorporate to your map is a line or a form. If you need to underline a sure route or area on your map, you can make it extra seen by drawing a line or a shape about it. 

To add a line or a condition to your personalized map, find Draw a line from the toolbar located beneath the look for bar. 

You can then edit this shape soon after you area it on your map. You can improve its identify, description, style, increase an image or a video to it. There’s also an possibility to take out it from your map.


For lots of customers, the key intent of building a custom made map is to share it with other buyers in Google Maps. You can add directions from stage A to position B to exhibit as a individual layer on your custom made map.

To incorporate directions to your custom map, find Add directions from the toolbar found beneath the look for bar. 

You’ll see a new directions layer surface in the menu on the remaining aspect of your screen. To start with, pick out your transportation mode: driving, cycling, or going for walks. Then, incorporate your departure issue into the textbox A, and your vacation spot point into the textbox B. You are going to then see your directions seem on the map. 

How to Share Your Custom Map 

When you finish generating tailor made routes in Google Maps and adding things to your map, it is mechanically saved to your Google Maps account in Your Sites. To entry your new map, abide by the route Google Maps menu > Your Locations > Maps

By default, you are the only just one who can view this map right until you share it with other people. To share your customized map, in Your Sites menu pick See All Your Maps. This will get you to the Google My Maps web-site. You’ll see your customized map under Owned

To give accessibility to your map to a different man or woman, pick out Share map. You’ll see alternatives to share your customized map by using Fb, Twitter, e mail, and embed it on your internet site. Select your most well-liked method to share your map with other users. 

Preserve Your Custom made Routes in Google Maps for Later Use

You can continue to keep all of your routes, directions, and map markers all in just one location many thanks to the personalized maps aspect in Google Maps. The up coming time you choose to go on a street vacation with your close friends or get a walk by the city, you can open your map and observe the path that you researched in progress. 

If you later on want to see the locations that you visited and construct your new route all over them, you can check out them in your place historical past in Google Maps. 

Do you conserve your routes and locations in Google Maps? What Google Maps characteristic do you find the most valuable for making your personalized maps? Share your knowledge with creating custom routes in Google Maps in the opinions area beneath. 

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