How to Build a Question and Answer Website?

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Every company has an online platform with a section known as FAQs that stands for frequently asked questions that consumers love to visit. Organizations have discovered that they can make money by establishing a question-and-answer website. The platform allows users to ask any question and receive an answer. Users can also answer questions from their fellow users and update their answers. Additionally, they can also follow various topics, people, and questions. The following information will help you understand how question-and-answer websites work.

How does a question-answer platform work?

A question-and-answer website provides an opportunity for users to exchange content and share ideas with others. The content will always have external links, videos, GIFs, and photos. Companies focus on high-quality content creation that users can trust. Any question-and-answer platform gains more traffic through shares and referrals becomes popular among users.

To attract users to the website, companies do the following:

  • focus on advertisements.
  • accept donations from users.
  • use Google Ad-sense.
  • offer premium features.

To engage users on the platform, companies employ several measures. They also allow them to follow an unlimited number of topics and questions. The action increases the time they spend on the website. Additionally, they identify a Related Question option allowing users to view questions similar to what they have asked.

Some of the best question and answer websites include:

How do I create a question and answer in WordPress?

To develop a question-and-answer platform, users need a plugin where - The DW Question and Answer Plugin comes in. The plugin works perfectly well as it automatically creates a Q& A area in WordPress that looks like that of Stack overflow and Quora. You can also submit questions, have comments and leave answers.

Installing DW Question and Answer plugin:

To create a DW Question-and-Answer plugin, one begins by selecting add a new option on the WordPress on the left-hand admin panel. The next step is to search for DW Question-and-Answer in the search box. Once you find it, go ahead and click on the INSTALL NOW button to activate the plugin.

After activating the Question-and-Answer plugin, click on the left sidebar and move to the settings section. Once the plugin is activated, it creates two pages the DWQA submit question and DWQA questions.

User Registration:

Go to settings choose General to allow users into the website. Scroll down to the membership section, click Anyone can register, and select subscriber as the New User Default role.

Configuring Question and Answer Plugin Settings:

  • Once user registration is enabled, you can go ahead and set up the question-and-answer plugin settings by simply clicking on questions then settings.
  • On the General tab, you will have an opportunity to configure basic plugin settings.
  • You can change the layout and how you want the WordPress question and answer to look.

Things to remember:

  1. Ensure that you set custom permalinks for the questions at the bottom of the settings box.
  2. Remember to also click on the notifications. Set up an email and send it to users. When a user asks a question, it will notify you. Additionally, when there is an answer or someone posts a new comment, it will perform the same action.

Lastly, click on the permissions tab to allow users to ask questions, answer and leave comments. Anonymous users can answer questions, but the asking should only be for the registered users. It will prompt non-users to enlist on the site.

Is there any free cloud question and answer platform?

The internet contains free cloud question and answer platforms such as among others. They have various capabilities enabling companies to develop better question and answer platforms.

For instance, offers an interactive presentation platform whereby companies can host live question and answer sessions. Also, it will allow you to create a better audience experience by enabling them to raise their questions and receive answers. is one of the free cloud question and answer platforms. It allows users to create their online forum. The advantage of using this platform over others is that it is free, SEO optimized, requires no installation. You have the option of using their domain, or they can opt to use the one on the sub-domain of the site. You also receive free support assistance when necessary. also uses SSL technology to encrypt your data. Therefore, it offers you a secure website.

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