How to Add Music to PowerPoint Presentations

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Microsoft PowerPoint makes it possible for you to incorporate distinct styles of multimedia content. Audio is just a single much more written content kind you can add to catch interest. Right before you commence adding new music to your PowerPoint shows although, do keep in mind that not all kinds of new music and even not every audio outcome may be ideal for your presentation. 

As a typical rule for generating participating PowerPoint presentations, generally tailor your presentation around the content material and not the other way about.

Let’s learn how to increase tunes to your PowerPoint slides and then personalize the new music file with the playback controls in the PowerPoint Ribbon. 

Below are a number of issues you need to know right before you upload the first tunes file: 

  • You can insert just one or numerous audio files to your slides. 
  • You can down load a song or a new music file from the world wide web and then insert it in your slides.
  • You can document your own voice and add it as a narration to your presentation. 
  • You must use an exterior audio editor to string collectively several music files when you want to protect a lengthy presentation. 
  • PowerPoint supports WAV, WMA, MP3, and a several other file formats. 

In this post, we will not talk about incorporating audio narration to PowerPoint. Alternatively, let us search at how to add songs to your PowerPoint presentation with a sound file of your alternative. 

Incorporate New music To Your PowerPoint Presentation

Incorporating music to PowerPoint slides is just like uploading any other file form.

  • Go to the Ribbon > Insert tab. In the Media team, choose Audio > Audio on My Computer.
  • Look through to the place of the audio file on your desktop and upload it. An icon represents the sound file on the slide. You can drag and placement it any where.
  • The Audio Tools Playback tab appears on the Ribbon as quickly as the file is uploaded on the slide. You can also decide on the icon of the audio file in the Usual slide watch and display screen the Audio Resources Playback Tab.
  • Click the Preview button to exam the playback. 

Personalize The Audio With The Audio Applications Playback Tab

By default, the Audio Style is instantly set to No Model.

You can find Enjoy in Qualifications. Play in History tends to make the audio file get started immediately all through a slide display and also participate in throughout several slides.

There are a few means to start off the playback. 

  • Instantly: The songs commences mechanically when the slide appears.
  • When Clicked On: The songs only performs when you click on the audio icon. For this to function, uncheck the Cover Through Present choice to expose the icon in the presentation see. 
  • In Simply click Sequence: The audio performs when triggered with other results you have configured on the slide (such as animation effects).

The other choices like Volume, Enjoy Across Slides, Loop until eventually Stopped, and Rewind Following Actively playing are all self-explanatory. 

How To Trim Your New music Clip

The Editing group on the Playback tab presents you a couple strategies to improve the way your songs file will sound. You can incorporate Fade effects with the Fade In and Fade Out timers to progressively introduce the audio clip in your presentation. 

Trim Audio is a different editing resource that can snip absent the unwelcome parts of a seem clip and preserve the portion you want to play. Click the button to open the Trim Audio box. 

Simply click the Play button. When the playhead reaches the point where you want to make the minimize, click the Pause button. Make tiny changes with the Following Frame and Prior Frame buttons if essential. You can, of training course, scrub the playhead to the preferred place much too. 

Drag the green marker (at the start of the clip) to the marker place. To trim the close of the clip, drag the pink marker on the correct to the new level where by you want to finish it. 

As a substitute of dragging the markers, you can also notice the time of the conclude details and then enter it in the Commence and Finish time containers. 

When you conserve the presentation, the trimmed info is saved in the file. You can also save a independent duplicate of the trimmed new music file exterior PowerPoint way too.

How To Increase Bookmarks To An Audio File

You can also use bookmarks to make your new music file get the job done. Bookmarks perform just like any other bookmarks. They are extra useful when you use video clip data files in your PowerPoint or narrated audio information. 

But you can put them to a several resourceful uses even though playing songs too. For occasion, you can use a bookmark on an audio file to trigger a new animation like an entrance slide or a changeover outcome. 

Adding a bookmark is easy from the Playback tab. 

  • On the slide, decide on the audio clip and click Enjoy. When you reach the place wherever you want to include the bookmark, click Pause
  • In the Bookmarks team, click on Include Bookmark. A yellow dot on the playhead exhibits the posture of the picked bookmark. A white dot is an unselected bookmark.
  • You can include many bookmarks. To eliminate a bookmark, decide on the 1 you want to remove and strike the Take away Bookmark button on the toolbar. 

When You Want To Adjust The Audio Icon

By default, an audio file will appear as a speaker icon in the slide. If you want, you can adjust the icon to a diverse photograph.

  1. Choose the audio file, then simply click the Audio Format tab.
  2. Click the Adjust Image command.
  3. Use the dropdown to pick a file from the option of resources. 
  4. Click on Insert to swap the default icon for the new photo. 

Play The Perfect Audio For Your Presentation

You can add unique seem consequences to various slides. Get started with a amazing background intro songs, or add a very small audio result to one slide, or just history your personal commentary. 

You can contemplate employing tracks or an instrumental score to your slides when you want to convert PowerPoint into a video clip. 

But do keep in mind that these media shouldn’t overpower the material of your presentation. Each individual rule of productive shows suggests that it is crucial to know what to go away out as very well as what music to insert into your PowerPoint slides. 

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