How The Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Character Has Changed Through The Years

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The Cloud Strife character in Final Fantasy is a brooding, spiky-haired ex-SOLDIER, and one particular of the series’ most iconic protagonists. He has appeared in far more online games, equally within just the Last Fantasy universe and outside of, than any other character from the franchise apart from Gilgamesh. His tranquil demeanor, outrageous battling style, and unbelievable backstory all appear collectively to create an plain appeal.

There is a lot more to Cloud Strife’s draw than just his trademark edginess, although. Square Enix has refined the character over the a long time, distilling down the several elements that make supporters appreciate Cloud into the final instance of a Remaining Fantasy hero—and the best element is that you can quickly see how the Cloud Strife Remaining Fantasy character has changed about the years.

To start with Impressions Of Cloud: Ultimate Fantasy VII, 1997

The Cloud Strife character very first entered the scene as a playable character in the PSOne release of Last Fantasy VII. The small, stocky sprite left a great deal of the character to the imagination, though the character artwork included in the guide and on the box gave fans a greater plan of what Cloud actually seemed like.

In the authentic recreation, Cloud is most normally depicted with the Buster Sword, the 5-foot-prolonged behemoth weapon he is most acknowledged for. His hair is spiky, and he wears the uniform for a SOLDIER 1st Class: brown combat boots, a belt, and purple-blue pants and shirt. His other trademark accent is a single pauldron on his still left shoulder—a variation on the typical uniform.

To get far more certain, Cloud Strife is 5’8, blue-eyed, and correct-handed. According to details supplied by the recent remake of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud’s birthday is August 11, 1986.

Observe: Cloud Strife’s to start with look was in Last Fantasy V as a sprite on the loading display!

Closing Fantasy Methods

Cloud Strife manufactured an look in Remaining Fantasy Techniques as an optional character the participant could recruit. However, the quest to receive him wasn’t constantly clear-slash, so quite a few players didn’t uncover his inclusion in the title right until later on.

As an optional character, Cloud Strife did not have any major tale moments. His artwork is a bit distinct than in Last Fantasy VII, but only in small details for illustration, he wears a black turtleneck fairly than the typical SOLDIER uniform.

Remaining Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Perhaps the biggest online video match film of all time, Last Fantasy VII: Introduction Kids sees a somewhat older Cloud Strife after the events of Ultimate Fantasy VII. He has improved his glimpse up in numerous approaches. Gone is the SOLDIER uniform, traded as an alternative for a black shirt and pants with a 50 percent-duster that covers his still left facet.

Relatively than the Buster Sword, Cloud Strife in its place makes use of a established of Fusion Swords, six unique blades that type a much larger sword equivalent in measurement to the Buster Sword. His hair has missing some of its spikiness, as effectively. His temperament continues to be the similar, although he has developed a little bit far more brooding thanks to the occasions surrounding the tale.

Kingdom Hearts

Cloud Strife undergoes a further major appearance adjust in Kingdom Hearts. Somewhat than the design he has worn until this place, his Kingdom Hearts outfits a lot more closely resembles Vincent’s costume from Closing Fantasy VII.

Cloud wears what appears to be like like the common SOLDIER 1st Class uniform, full with his left pauldron. He’s also extra a red cape that hangs close to his neck and trails driving him, as well as a one black wing that protrudes from his left shoulder.

Supplied that Kingdom Hearts is not canon, Cloud’s persona and aims are a bit distinct in this series. That claimed, he still seeks to defeat Sephiroth. The black wing is a reflection of this purpose and serves to hint at his ties to the character.

Cloud Strife is a entirely distinct character in Kingdom Hearts than in the Ultimate Fantasy sequence, sharing only a identify and physical appearance. As any one that has played the Kingdom Hearts series is familiar with, outlining the story would take a dissertation—but needless to say, the occasions of the collection do not reflect on the functions of the Closing Fantasy collection.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The not long ago-produced Last Fantasy VII Remake has been a runaway results for Square Enix. It allowed admirers to relive the encounter of playing the game all over again, while various variations had been designed not only to the gameplay but also to the tale. Cloud himself also observed improvements, while none also drastic.

His outfit and identity continue being mainly the similar, as the activity is meant to be a near match to the primary. The titular character acts as you anticipate, while Cloud’s previous and his relationships to quite a few of the other people are explored significantly far more in-depth.

On the other hand, the improved graphics of the remake make it much easier to see smaller aspects about his visual appeal than at any time ahead of. For illustration, his still left shoulder pauldron has often been demonstrated with what seems to be like bolts coming out, but in Remaining Fantasy VII Remake, their intent makes extra sense: to capture a blade and hold it there.

Cloud Strife’s dry hit and perception of humor arrives by considerably better in the new sport, much too. Just the way he interacts with Barrett on your own is motive plenty of to participate in through it. If you have in no way professional Closing Fantasy VII for oneself, it is surely value enjoying the original—and then purchasing the remake to consider for yourself.

Other Appearances

Cloud Strife has appeared in very well more than a dozen games, although the three video games and a single film outlined higher than display his improvements most effective. He has proven up in numerous spin-offs of Remaining Fantasy VII, as well as in other better-acknowledged online games like Super Smash Bros.

Cloud’s iconic seem has even proven up in online games like Ultimate Fantasy XIV as a reward for subscribers. It does not give any noteworthy stats, but it does seem cool.

Cloud Strife is 1 of the ideal-recognized figures in video video game background for a cause. If you have an desire in Closing Fantasy or just in properly-published figures, examine him out for oneself.

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