Are One-handed Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

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On Personal computer, you have tons of possibilities to regulate your games. The keyboard and mouse are the gold normal, but you can hook up a gamepad, or VR movement controllers as effectively. So what about a one particular-handed gaming keyboard? 

It may well sound like a unusual plan at first, but there is a very good argument to be manufactured for gamers (and some gurus) to commit in just one of these chopped-up keyboards. If the concept intrigues you, appear alongside for a deep-dive into this area of interest gaming peripheral.

What Is a A single-handed Keyboard?

The strategy of a just one-handed keyboard for gaming is really very simple. Fundamentally it’s a keyboard that only gives keyboard keys for one hand. It’s not a replacement for a typical total keyboard, but there is fantastic use for this strategy.

1-handed keyboards offer numerous cost, general performance and space positive aspects a normal keyboard just cannot. Just before we look at the pros and cons, it is worth looking at the standard varieties of a single-handed keyboards you’ll face in the wild.

Critical Varieties of One particular-handed Keyboards

There are two main ways to building a one particular-handed keyboard. The most straightforward and typically lowest priced tactic is to make a pad that seems like an individual took a cleaver to a total sizing keyboard. The keys will have the exact same labels and structure as the leftmost portion of a typical keyboard. Which tends to make for an straightforward changeover.

The other most important solution is a specialized pad with tailor made controls. These can include things like scroll wheels, directional pads, thumb buttons and extra. These pads also tend to be far more ergonomic and much significantly less like enjoying on a normal keyboard. That will come with numerous pros, but also normally takes extended to get applied to. The current most effective example of this design and style is the Razer Tartarus. We have employed both of those the Tartarus v2 and Pro and price them very. 

Switch Varieties

Just as with any gaming keyboard, just one-handed keyboards supply a wide variety of options when it will come to essential switch kind. The most economical products and solutions will use membrane keys. Then there are also mecha-membrane keys that provide the feel of mechanical switches, but even now use membrane switch technologies as section of the layout.

Opto-mechanical switches have received some level of popularity as nicely, but the recent gold common is the comprehensive mechanical switch. In the realm of mechanical keyboards there’s even additional subdivision. You can get diverse swap layouts all with their own sense. 

Read through up a little on the professionals and drawbacks of unique switches in any keyboard you are thinking of. It’s also worth checking out our report on lesser-known mechanical keyboard manufacturers for much more facts.

What Are the Benefits?

The most important edge of just one-handed gaming keyboards is expense. If you have a keyboard that employs large good quality swap technological innovation and essential caps, it’s a great deal more expensive to prolong that to a full 101 vital keyboard. Several gaming keyboards offer with this by only possessing keys commonly applied for the duration of gaming. 

The trouble with this is that you finish up with an asymmetrical keyboard. So if you want to use it for other tasks such as producing or common efficiency, it will not be pleasurable to use. This is just one excellent cause to take into consideration a 1-handed keyboard. It can simply sit next to your normal keyboard, all set to perform at any time.


A further massive advantage of these keyboards is their improved ergonomics. In general you really don’t want to go your hand close to and the pad is designed to help your hand though gaming. Customized pads like the Razer Tartarus have thumb controls, specifically curved essential surfaces and a huge adjustable wrist pad. Definitely, if your one particular-handed keyboard has a a lot more normal layout, this benefit is diminished.

Compact Measurement

The next gain is measurement. You can set your significant keyboard aside and use your desk space just for the pad and mouse. This makes it possible for for much additional cozy gaming, since you can established your arms at any angle you like.

These pads are also specially very good for everyone with gaming laptops. The keyboards constructed into these laptops are uncomfortable to enjoy on. If you want to have your display straight ahead if you, be ready for some distressing keyboard yoga. Nonetheless, a a person-handed gaming keyboard allows you situation it and your mouse on possibly side of the laptop computer. Letting you set the screen useless heart and shut to your facial area. It’s a transformative modify for portable gaming.

Gaming Functionality

Ultimately, these pads give a gaming overall performance benefit. Because of their condition and sizing, you under no circumstances need to have to shift your hand, glance down, or or else consider about the keyboard. As soon as your muscle memory kicks in, you are going to overlook it’s even there.

What Are The Cons?

The most significant disadvantage for this sort of gaming keyboard is that it is not suitable or games that make intensive use of keyboard shortcuts. Usual online games that occur to mind would be selected actual time strategy games and Enormous Multiplayer On the net Roleplaying Online games (MMORPGs). 

A person-handed keyboards simply do not have plenty of keys. Of program, nothing at all stops you from working with your standard keyboards for these shortcuts together with your gaming keypad.

There can also be a fairly steep finding out curve with a single-handed keyboards. Unlearning a long time of standard keyboard and mouse play is not heading to materialize overnight. 

If you’re utilizing something like a Tartarus which offers only customizable keys, you’ll also have to invest some time location up your pad in a way that performs for you. Although you can use pre-present management templates, to get the most out of the product for each-title tweaking is wanted.

Who Must Get A Just one-handed Gaming Keyboard?

Now that you know what a 1-handed keyboard is, ought to you purchase one? Having their strengths and weaknesses into account, these are the kinds of buyers we believe should take into account obtaining a person:

We can also advocate these one particular-handed keyboards, in particular the macro-important designs these as the aforementioned Razer Tartarus, to men and women who use purposes like Adobe Photoshop or any other key movie editor. 

You can considerably velocity up your workflow by programming the functions you use most on the just one-handed keyboard. Given that you in no way have to raise your hand and will not need to glance down to hunt for the ideal important, all the one seconds of time you conserve will increase up above the training course of your task. 

So no matter if you just want to have a greater gaming working experience or get your innovative operate to the next degree, a a single-handed keyboard could change out to be just what you have to have!

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