An Autohotkey Tutorial to Automate Windows Tasks

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If you function from household or go to courses on line, then you no question have phrases you form on a common basis. Or it’s possible you have a precise file you require to open usually, but not go away open up. Whatsoever the purpose, Home windows Autohotkey can deliver you a quickly way to perform a sequence of jobs.

What is Windows Autohotkey?

Home windows Autohotkey is a cost-free and open-supply scripting language that lets buyers to create scripts for Home windows. Although it works by using its possess programming language, you really don’t have to be expert at coding to make use of the software. It is intuitive and simple to select up, in particular supplied the wealth of assets accessible online.

This tutorial will wander you by way of the basic steps concerned with making use of Home windows Autohotkey. To put into standpoint how valuable this software can be, “Windows Autohotkey” is 18 people prolonged together with the room. It was typed all through this posting making use of only 3 keystrokes. Intrigued? Examine on to uncover out how. 

A person issue to maintain in intellect is that this tutorial only covers the fundamental principles. Windows Autohotkey is a powerful resource with far-achieving programs — as well quite a few to go over in a single tutorial. This tutorial will aid you get your ft wet so you can get started experimenting.

Downloading and Creating Your 1st Script

Home windows Autohotkey is not developed into the Windows OS, so you will need to have to down load it from the internet site. When you down load it, abide by the on-screen instructions. If requested to pick concerning ANSI and UNICODE, pick out UNICODE — it has broader assistance for non-English people. Once you have set up the software, go to your Desktop.

Ideal-click any empty spot on the monitor and pick New > Autohotkey Script. The script will appear as a file on your desktop. Give it a identify that would make it straightforward to identify and hit Enter. Following this, right-click on the file and opt for Edit script. 

This will open an enhancing display screen, most likely in Notepad. For the example, we will make a script that instantly forms:

Sincerely yours, George Jetson

All you have to do is hit the hotkey. First, style:


The ^ image indicates CTRL, so you will strike CTRL+J to activate this hotkey. If you’re puzzled about why that image means CTRL, never get worried — there will be extra on that later on in the tutorial. 

Future, kind this: 

Ship, Sincerely yours, George Jetson

The command in this line is Mail. Anything at all after the comma will be shown on screen. 

Lastly, type:


At the time you have finished this, conserve the script. Ideal-simply click it as soon as far more and simply click Run script. 

When all is explained and accomplished, it ought to look like this:

Send out, Sincerely yours, George Jetson

Now each time you sort CTRL+j, the phrase “Sincerely yours, George Jetson” will appear. 

Producing a Hotstring

The over command was a hotkey. Now we will clearly show you how to create a hotstring, or a shortcut that sorts a term or sequence of phrases. This is the same process used to sort “Windows Autohotkey” devoid of in fact typing it.

The command is uncomplicated. Somewhat than a double colon (::) to the correct of the hotkey, you will encompass the abbreviation with two sets of double colons, like this:

::wah::Windows Autohotkey

The text inside the colons will provide as the shortcut, when the text to the proper of the colons will be what seems when the command is typed. 

Hotkey Symbols and Their Meanings

This area will deliver a temporary rationalization of the numerous symbols and what they signify. 

Symbol Which means/Essential
# Windows Key
! Alt
^ Manage
+ Change
& Use involving any two keys to build a custom made hotkey.
< Use the left key of a set (ex. The left Shift key.)
> Use the ideal crucial of a established (ex. The ideal Shift crucial.)
* Wildcard (This will activate the hotkey even if other keys are strike.)
UP When you use this in a hotkey, it triggers upon the launch of the important.

These are the most standard symbols. There are a number of other folks that are additional sophisticated, but these are not vital to know for learning the basics. You need to also know that you can mix numerous symbols alongside one another to make them operate for case in point,

Ready-Made Scripts

With any program as powerful and versatile as Windows Autohotkey, people will find ways for it to reach its maximum potential. If you want to look through a series of pre-made scripts that demonstrate exactly what this tool is capable of, look at the Autohotkey Forum.

The forum is broken down into a variety of different sections, but the two main areas to look for pre-made scripts are under Gaming and AutoHotkey V2 Scripts and Functions. You can copy and paste these scripts onto your own machine to take advantage of them.

People have created scripts that do everything from converting a joystick into a mouse to resizing windows with nothing except the right mouse button. 

The forums are a great place to not only find pre-made scripts, but to ask for help in crafting your own. Once you’ve mastered the basics, explore the capabilities of Windows Autohotkey to streamline your own user experience. 

Windows Autohotkey is a powerful tool that goes far beyond these few basic scripts, but learning these scripts and commands is the key to learning how to put the program to use for yourself on a much greater level. 

Aside from using Windows Autohotkey to automatically type longer phrases, it can be used to open files, run programs, and much more. The sky’s the limit — you just have to learn to walk first. 

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